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Groundbreaking Concept for Reducing GREENHOUSE GASES FROM AGRICULTURE

With GreenFarmâ„¢, we utilize waste products from agricultural production as valuable resources for energy production.

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GreenFarm's History Read about the development of our concept

The history of GreenFarm begins its journey in 2022, but its origins go further back through the experience of Frank Wennerberg, the CEO and founder. With many years of experience in the biogas industry.

Frank's journey began as director at Combigas, a company specializing in comprehensive biogas solutions since 2011. This accumulation of knowledge, and expertise in planning, construction, and operations, laid the foundation for GreenFarm.

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Meet some of our GreenFarmers

When you have a GreenFarm concept installed on your business premises, you become a GreenFarmer.

Here, you can meet a range of GreenFarmers who share their stories about their GreenFarm concept, the processes leading up to the project's creation, their experiences, and most importantly, the benefits the installation has provided them.

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Meet us

Dedicated efforts are invested in broadening our understanding and discovering new GreenFarm enthusiasts across Europe. Fortunately, our existing GreenFarm advocates play a vital role in spreading the positive word about our innovative concept.

To implement GreenFarms strategy our team is a crucial factor. We are a diverse workforce, with each member contributing towards generating value for our future customers and GreenFarmers.

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