Distributor agreement with EC Power

October 2021

Combigas has entered into a distributor agreement with EC POWER, a Danish pioneer in sustainable and efficient CHP plants. Combigas has exclusive rights to market and distribute EC Power products to the biogas segment on the Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, and Finnish markets.

The CHP plants from EC Power are part of Combigas’ newly developed GreenFarm products.

We look forward to working with EC Power.

GreenFarm shipment for Norway

August 2022

Shipment of the technical cabin to the first GreenFarm environmental treatment plant in Norway. The plant is being built in collaboration with our Norwegian partner BRI Landbruksbygg and a number of professional suppliers.

Exhibitions and events

Nordic Biogas Conference

Time: October 3-5

Location: Linköping, Sweden

Participants: GreenFarm and EC Power



Time:  November 29-December 2

Location: MCH, Herning, Denmark

Participants: GreenFarm

Stand No.: K8030

Focus: GreenFarm Carbon Capture system, sustainability, energy self-sufficiency